Pre-2013 Routine

Pre-2013 routine


Good Morning, we’ll start our exercises with three deep breaths;

•Raise arms up & down above head with Palms Down, then with  Palms Up.

•Bounce Up & Down on Toes; Then alternate Up & Down on Opposite Toes;

•Swing Hips side to side.

•Reach, as high as you can, continue up & down on opposite toes.

•Alternate Hands & Feet.

•Feet flat on bottom: Toes Up, Toes Down; Heels Up, Heels Down,

•Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (Do 4 Times)

•Stay down in water & shrug shoulders up & down.

•Slide one arm up on one side of body, then down the other, and alternate.

•Rotate shoulders forward … Rotate shoulders backward.

•Stand, Bend toward Right side with other Arm raised back & forth over head, & repeat (15 times).

•Bend toward Left side with other Arm raised up & over head, & repeat.

•Reach out & touch opposite Toes and continue alternating.

•Reach out & grab opposite Toe & Hop on other Foot; then switch sides.

•Put hands behind head & touch opposite Knee with opposite Elbow & continue alternating.

•Hands behind your head, and twist from side to side.

•Hands on shoulders, raise Elbows Up & Down.

•Hands on shoulders, Bend from side to side.


Knee Lifts:

•Place hands behind Knee, and bring Knee to Chest; continue alternating.

•Hands together above head and bend from side to side, touching outer leg.

•Arms out to sides: Make small, medium & large Circles Forward, then Reverse.


Figure Eights:

•Right Leg forward & back beside body;

•then Left Leg;

•then with both Arms, forward & back;

•then Eights in front of you.



•Hands together above head around in one direction, then reverse direction.

•Hands together, circle around to each side, & back forward again.

•Stand, clasp hands together, push out & back in, holding tummy in.


Wrist Circles:

•One direction, reverse, then “flip-flop” back & forth.


Elbow exercises:

•start with palms together, roll hands toward you & out.

•Then palms out and roll toward you.


Back Stroke. Pull through the water.


Knee Circles:

•raise Right leg (ankle straight) one direction, then reverse,

•and repeat with Left Leg.


Foot Circles: Right foot, one direction, reverse; repeat with other leg.



•Put Right Foot on Left Knee & swing knee back & forth;

•repeat other Leg.


Finger Exercises:

•Palms down, then Up, then Sideways & make faces, back & forth beside body.

•Knees Out, Jump like a Frog, & bottoms of feet will come up together.

•Kick up behind, reach down beside body & touch your outer ankle with your hands.

•Hands in front, alternate knee out, touch inner ankle as each comes up.

•Knees Out; Jump like a Frog and grab inner ankles as they come  up together.


Do Pushes:

•Four times each to Front, Right, Front, Left.

•Pushes to Front, one, two, three, four, and

•Bring Arms around behind, clasp hands, turn to one side,

•then other side, and pull back down (repeat four times).

•Raise Right Leg up & down, and across & down. (Do not go across if one has bad back)

•Repeat with other Leg.

•Right Leg out to side & down;

•Left Leg out to side & down.

•Right Leg back behind & down;

•then Left Leg back behind & down.

•swing Right Leg forward & back beside body, then swing out & make Capital D.

•Repeat same with Left Leg.

•Right Knee Up, Foot Forward, Knee Up, Leg Off to Side & continue.

 Knees Up:

•Elbows to Knees in front, Elbows to Knees out to the side.

•Jog in place.

•Scissor kicks forward (l ,2,3,4) & half-jacks back (out-in, out-in). (Do 6 times]

•Jog in place.

•Jumping Jacks in place. Two steps to right, two steps to left, then in place. (Do 3 times).

•Jog in place.

•Kick to front, kick back, kick to sides.

•Knees to Elbows in front of you; Kick up behind, touch heels with hands.


Rocking Horse.

•Back & forth on Right Leg, then on Left Leg.

•Jog in place.

•Punch with Arms to right, left, then up & down.

•Kick Forward, Kick Back (5 times each).

•Jumping Jacks in place.

•Jog in place.

•Punch with Arms to right, left, then up, then down.

•Jog in place.

•Jumping Jacks in place.

•Jog in place.

•Kick forward, kick back, kick to sides.


Find your Pulse. Count for 15 seconds (x 4); count 6 seconds (+ 0).


Arm Exercises.

•Arms to sides, hands to shoulders, elbows together, elbows apart and arms out; (Count 1,2, 3,4). Repeat.

•Lunge to Right side (arm extended), then Left side, (Count 10).

•Right forward & Left forward. (Count to 8). Lunge side to side.



•Right Arm out front, bring hand of other arm under, then up and over head & back down under arm again. Continue.

•Then Left Arm forward, other hand under & back up over head.



•Reach out, touch right Toe with right hand,

•then foot goes down and hand goes up at same time (body slightly bent). Continue.

•Repeat with Left hand to Left toe, etc.

•Hands on Hips, head facing front, circle right arm 4 times back & forth;

•same with left arm, and continue.


Balling The Jack.

•Hip Snaps. Right side twice, then left side twice. Repeat.

•Lower Body Circles (Hula) … one direction, then other direction.



•Slowly to Front, right side, Front, then left side (four times each).

•Rotate Shoulders slowly Forward, then slowly Backward.

•Stand, Arms at sides: Gently, look back toward right, then to left;

•then look down & straight forward (do not bend neck back).

•Keep shoulders still, bend head to right & to left, gently.

•Hands Up one side and Down other side, as you bend from side to side, slowly.



•Time to take Three Deep Breaths. Raise Alms up & down, Palms together.

•(Three times.)