"Total body exercise in the cool buoyancy of water"

Exercise at your own pace and level



We meet indoors at the Beardsley Pool 9-10 am every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday throughout the year. We meet indoors at the Palm Ridge Pool 8-9 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday, early November to early March. We meet outdoors daily at 9-10 am at the Kuentz Pool from March 6 through August 25. We will meet outdoors daily at 9-10 am at the new Johnson Pool from August 28 through late October.
Each member is required to monitor 2 times per year, even if you are only a partial-year resident. Monitoring involves signing people in as they show up for class. Please sign up to monitor on the calendar on the table as you sign in for class. Please take a reminder sheet with you when you sign up to monitor. Click here for a printable/viewable/savable copy of the monitoring instructions.
MEETING DAY CHANGE: Our next general membership meeting will be on August 28 at 8 AM by the entrance to the Johnson Pool. Light refreshments and juice will be served.  This will be the first day our outdoor users will be at the NEW JOHNSON POOL! CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE/VIEWABLE/SAVABLE FLYER of this event.

We do gentle stretches to cardio exercises set to recorded music and instruction in the shallow end of the pool. The exercise session is self-directed, although volunteers demonstrate either on the deck or in the pool on most days. Each session has at least one volunteer monitor, who checks people in and stays for the entire session. Members are required to monitor 2 times per year. We alternate between 2 routines. Routine A was developed in 2013 and includes more stretching with about 20 minutes of cardio. Routine B is the newer 2015 routine includes more intense cardio and less stretching. It is recommended that you try to do at least one session of each routine per week since the two sessions use different muscle combinations.

Click here for the August-September exercise calendar.

Calendars are printable, viewable, and savable to your computer or device.

Click here for a viewable, printable, savable copy of our new 2015 exercise routine.
Click here for the 2013-2015 routine.

Click here for the pre-2013 routine. We no longer use this routine.

If your computer or device has Adobe Acrobat reader or equivalent, click on the links above for immediate viewable/printable versions of our exercise routines. If the above links do not work, use the “Exercises” icon on the top left of this screen to view the equivalent web pages. Thank you for visiting our site.

Click the Exercises icon upper-right for our present routines or go to the above links for immediate viewing and printing (must have Adobe Acrobat or equivalent on your computer or device). Cost: $10 per year. (Try us out as a guest before joining). Members may attend any of the sessions.

Click here for the address, phone number, and a map to the Beardsley Pool.

Click here for the address, phone number, and a map to the R. H. Johnson Pool.

Click here for the address, phone number, and a map to the Palm Ridge Pool.

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